Log Insight 4.5.1 Available Now!

Hey everyone, I am a little delayed but wanted to let you know that Log Insight 4.5.1 is available now and I highly recommend you upgrade to this maintenance release. Read on to learn more!

What’s New?

No changes. This is a maintenance release so it does not contain any new features.

What’s Fixed?

  • Security patches — if you want a full patched Log Insight whether new deployment or upgrade you need version 4.5.1
  • Archives were not kept for more than one day — this impacts version 4.5.0 only
  • Event forwarding filters either fully work or were removed — this impacts version 4.3.0 and 4.5.0

What’s Changed?

  • Event forwarding filters that did not work were removed.
  • The deprecation banner for Active Directory has been removed.

How to Upgrade

No changes.

  • You must be running Log Insight 4.3 or 4.5 — upgrades must be sequential from every non-maintenance GA release.
  • You must access the cluster master’s FQDN (not ILB VIP) and ensure you have access to ports 443 and 80.
  • You go to the /admin/cluster page and follow the upgrade workflow.


Log Insight 4.5.1 contains three very important fixes. I would strongly recommend that all customers, no matter what version they are running, upgrade to 4.5.1. As always, be sure to review the release notes beforehand.

Note: Log Insight 3.0 goes out of support on 2017/11/15 so now is the time to upgrade and version 4.5.1 is what you should be upgrading to (sequentially of course).

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11 thoughts on “Log Insight 4.5.1 Available Now!

  1. kondrich says:

    Hi Steve,

    unfortunately, the download is of 4.5.1 is not available through vCenter Download site yet. It’s still on 4.5.0 level.
    Your download link shows 4.5.1, yet I am not allowed to download full version of 4.5.1 (we are using vCenter license for LI and currently have an evaluation license of the full product active).

  2. Pat says:

    GSS told me that this update is not available for the free version (LI for vCenter). Only with extra paid full version! Why is that???

  3. kondrich says:

    Yes, it was not available for vCenter customers. I created a SR regarding this and they informed me last Friday that download is available now.

  4. Thomas Bridle says:

    Hi Steve, Upgrade to 4.5.1 from 4.5.0 fails with the following message

    Log Insight deployment did not pass pre-upgrade validation:
    GA (4.5.0-5654101)

    Base environment is built from a VVD4.0

    Any ideas?

  5. Thomas Bridle says:

    The reason was listed as:

    GA (4.5.0-5654101)

    A review of the upgrade.log showed ‘SSL routines:SSL2_GET_SERVER_HELLO:unknown protocol.

    Sounds like I need to switch TLS1.0 and 1.1 back on! Thanks for your help Steve.

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