Personal Information

NAME: Steve Flanders VCAP-DCA-DCD2vexpert2
ADDRESS: Boston, Massachusetts
MOBILE: (617) 517-6182
EMAIL: steve@sflanders.net
DOB: January 7


I am an accomplished Architect and Manager at VMware. My specializations are in cloud computing, VMware technologies, scripting, and automation. I have an extensive background in designing and implementing cloud and virtualization solutions with proven competencies in technical leadership and project management positions. In these areas, I have demonstrated exemplary problem-solving skills with the ability to quickly implement corrective processes. I am also a strong communicator comfortable and confident in front of clients and peers.

Work Experience

2013-Present: VMware, vRealize Log Insight
Staff 2 Architect / Senior Manager

VMware is the global leader in virtualization and cloud infrastructure, delivering customer-proven solutions that accelerate IT by reducing complexity and enabling more flexible, agile service delivery. I lead Log Insight’s Customer Oriented Research and Development (CORD) and my global team is responsible for customer relations, field enablement, engineering guidance, and technical expertise for vRealize Log Insight — we own Customer Experience. VMware vRealize Log Insight delivers automated log management through log analytics, aggregation and search, extending VMware’s leadership in analytics to log data.

Some of my current responsibilities include:

  • Interfacing with customers and engineering driving product innovation and direction
  • Providing architectural, operational, and administrative expertise to engineering
  • Content pack creation and partnerships
  • Documenting best practices and general recommendations for Log Insight
  • Maintaining and enhancing virtual appliance configurations and scripts

One major project I spearheaded was performing individual performance analysis of Log Insight. Based on my research, I contributed virtual appliance changes including I/O scheduler, SCSI controller, and kernel parameter changes that resulted in 15% better ingestion performance for Log Insight.

2011-2013: VMware, Cloud Foundry
Senior Architect

VMware is the global leader in virtualization and cloud infrastructure, delivering customer-proven solutions that accelerate IT by reducing complexity and enabling more flexible, agile service delivery. Cloud Foundry, is a Platform as a Service product and solution offered by VMware (now Pivotal).

I was a Cloud Architect performing many of the same functions as within MCS. Since being acquired by VMware, I had been responsible for expanding the environment to over 12 storage arrays, 100 vCenter Server instances, and 1000 ESXi servers.

Some other projects I worked on included:

  • Designing the next generation of cloud hardware – The goal being to create fully independent modules of hardware with known fault domains. These modules will be built according to established best practices and documented for predictable performance and known limitations.
  • Building scalable Application Layer services – The most recent example being a global logging and alerting system running on syslog-ng and swatch.
  • Performing large scale disaster recovery operations – Leveraging technologies from several vendors including Cisco, EMC, and VMware.

2010-2011: EMC, Mozy Cloud Services
Architect / Manager

Mozy is a wholly owned subsidiary of EMC with a primary focus on public service offerings including backup and cloud computing. Mozy Cloud Services (MCS) was the operations arm for EMC‘s public cloud initiative and worked closely with the Cloud Infrastructure Group (CIG), Mozy, and VMware teams. The MCS team was responsible for designing and maintaining the hardware and software required for day-to-day operations of Mozy’s cloud service offerings including Atmos Online and Mozy Cloud.

I was a Manager and Architect responsible for MCS’s operational approach to maintaining cloud services. In addition, I created formalized cloud reference architectures, infrastructure documentation, operating procedures, and best practices. To do this, I traveled to customer sites and meet with clients and partners on a regular basis. In addition, I discussed reference architectures with ISPs such as ATT, Salesforce, and Verizon.

While working in MCS, I architected, implemented, and maintained the entire VMware infrastructure and environment, which consisted of over 15 vCenter Server instances, 200 ESXi servers, and 10,000 virtual machines. In order to establish standardization and a more “cloudy” environment I also:

2008-2010: EMC, Atmos
Lead Principal System Administrator

EMC is the world’s leading developer and provider of information infrastructure technology and solutions with a primary focus on offering unified storage products. The Atmos Cloud Infrastructure Group (CIG) was responsible for the creation of EMC’s Cloud Optimized Storage (COS)Atmos.

I worked on the operations side of the house as a Principal System Administrator and Technical Team Lead. I was responsible for designing and maintaining the Atmos Online compute and storage service offerings. From a systems and virtualization perspective, I architected, implemented, and maintained the entire VMware infrastructure and environment, which consisted of over five vCenter Server instances, 500 ESX servers, and 5000 virtual machines. Additionally, I spearheaded the deployment of two ATT Synaptic Storage as a Service data centers, which utilized Atmos.

Some of my other accomplishments and responsibilities included:

2007-2008: Phase Forward
Systems and Release Engineer

Phase Forward (now owned by Oracle) is the leading provider of integrated data management solutions in the pharmaceutical fields of clinical trials and drug safety. The Systems and Release Engineering (SRE) team is part of the engineering department and is responsible for assisting software developers and product testers throughout the product cycle. As a Systems Engineer, I designed, planned, and executed a multi-phase server consolidation project, virtualizing over 70% of the research and development laboratory using VMware ESX and Converter technologies. I was also responsible for configuring and maintaining three EMC CLARiiON SANs, over 50 HP ProLiant (BL20P, DL145, DL360, DL580, DL585) servers, and over 500 (ESXWorkstationvirtual machines while providing technical support to over 100 employees.

I played a central role in the consolidation and improvement of building, installing, and maintaining servers and services within the engineering department. I did this through standardization of hardware, virtual machine templates, and automated, unattended application installations for products from MicrosoftOracle, and VMware using primarily Microsoft scripting languages. My experience and knowledge of PerlPowerShell, and Batch enabled me to provide valuable tools to monitor capacity utilization, enabling better planning and budgeting for future infrastructure requirements.

2005-2007: MIT Lincoln Laboratory
System and Network Administrator

The MIT Lincoln Laboratory is a federally funded research and development center chartered to apply advanced technology to problems of national security. I worked in Group 39, Air Defense Techniques, where I received Secret Security clearance from the Department of Defense. I was responsible for over 100 users and over 100 workstations on a variety of operating systems including CentOSMicrosoftRed Hat, and SuSE. In addition to assisting users, I played a central role in designing and implementing a RHEL 3 Primary Domain Controller (PDC) utilizing NIS for authentication and Samba for file sharing in order to replace an unsupported Windows 2000 PDC. The new PDC was responsible for authenticating all users on all operating systems and automounting Linux operating system home directories. To automate account integration, creation, and maintenance, I wrote custom Perl and Bash scripts.

2004-2005: Ziggs Register
Data and Integration Specialist

The Ziggs Register initially branded itself as an online people search engine. I started my involvement in the company before its initial release and was responsible for developing and implementing data collection “robots”, which utilized HTML/XML tags to parse websites. These robots collected personal profiles that were then categorized into a database. In addition, I normalized and removed incorrect or falsified data as sites changed and performed database entry for sites with unique profiles.

Personal Development

2009-Present: Blogging

Since I started with technology I have found it necessary to document my findings for myself and others to be able to reference. In order to expand upon this and give back to the community, I decided to start blogging. While my blog focuses primarily on what I am passionate about, anything that I feel like others would be interested about I post entries on. My only hope is that others find the information I post helpful.

2007-Present: Web Hosting

I have worked on several collaborative and individual projects in my spare time. One noteworthy experience, was the creation of a web hosting company. I purchased and configured two servers running fully redundant DNSLAMPVyatta, and Zimbra services. In addition to running the company, I created and maintain the company’s web site, which utilizes PmWiki and features an AJAX driven member’s area. To minimize administration, many of the system tasks including account creation and expiration; backups; feature requests and add-ons; and password synchronization were automated via BashPerlPHP, and procmail scripting.

2005-Present: Web Design

As an individual venture, I started a web design business and created several professional sites utilizing blogCMSCSSPerlPHP, and wiki technologies. In addition to my personal website, I designed and maintain the Northeastern University Judo Team, a PmWiki site which features a database-driven member’s area that automates many of the team’s tasks via PHP scripts. I am also the designer and webmaster of KidsBooksonCD, a site which sells children’s audio books and makes use of a just-in-time book system.

Technical Skills

Experience Key

The following is a brief guide to indicate my level of knowledge and number of years experience I have in each of my skills listed below.

  • – Expert / highly proficient
  • – Professional / competent and confident
  • – Basic to intermediate / confident to develop further
  • – Foundational / no longer actively using

VMware Technology

CLOUD: vCloud (Connector [P1]Director [P3]), vSphere (Hypervisor[X5]
DESKTOP: Fusion [X5]Workstation [X5]
END-USER: Zimbra [XP2]
MANAGEMENT: vCenter (Log Insight [X3]Operations [P2]Server [X5])
SECURITY: vCloud (Network and Security [P2])

Application Layer

Firewalls (PF [FP4]Vyatta [FP2]),
LB (F5 [P3], Riverbed [P3])
SERVER: Directory Services (AD [P5] [Likewise [P3]], DNS [BIND[P5]LDAP [FB2]),
Logging (LogrotateSwatchSyslog-NG) [X5],
Mail (DovecotPostfixProcmail, SASLSendmail[FP3],
Web (Joomla [FP3]Redmine [FP1]Trac [FP1]WordPress [X3])
STORAGE: HBA [P3]; IFS [P3]iSCSI (Hardware, Software) [P3]FC [P3]NAS [P3],
NFS [P4]SAN [P3], Shared Access (CIFSSambaSMB[P4]
MISC: Cisco (UCSM [1.x, 2.x]) [X3]CM (Puppet[B2], Installation
(iPXE [P2]Kickstart [P3]PXE [P3]), VCS (CVSGitSVN[P4]

Programming Languages

SCRIPTING: Perl [P4], Shell (AWKBashSed[X6]
WEB: CSS [P6]Javascript (AJAX[FB3]PHP [P4]
WINDOWS: Batch [X6]PowerShell [P3]

Operating Systems

LINUX: Red Hat (RHEL [3, 4, 5]) [P5]SUSE [X3]Ubuntu (10.04, 10.10) [X5]
MICROSOFT: Desktop (XP, Vista, 7) [X5], Server (2003, 2008) [X5]
UNIX: BSD (FreeOpen[FP4]Solaris [FB3]

Datacenter / Hardware

CISCO: Catalyst (3700, 6500) [FB2], MDS (9100, 9500) [FP2],
Nexus (2000, 5000, 6000, 7000) [FP2],
UCS (B200, B230, C200, C210) [X2]
DELL: DCS (Nucleon) [FP2]PowerEdge (1950T110[X3]
EMC: Atmos (WS2 [120, 240, 360]) [FX3], Celerra (NS, NX) [FP2],
CLARiiON (AX, CX) [FP2]Isilon (IQ 36000X) [FP2]VNX (7500) [P3]
HP: iLO [FX2]ProLiant (DL145, DL380, DL580, DL585) [FX2]
VERARI: NB1010 [FX2], RM1257 [FX2], SB5165XL [FX2], VB1257XL [FX2]


EMC University

  • Situational Leadership II – Jan 2011
  • Foundations of Management – Sep 2010

VMware University

  • Genius Maker – Sep 2015
  • VCAP-DCD 5 – Feb 2014
  • VCAP-DCA 5 – Feb 2013
  • VCP on vSphere 5 – Feb 2012
  • VCP on vSphere 4 – Aug 2010
  • vSphere 4: Fast Track – Aug 2010


Northeastern University
B.S. Computer and Information Science

I am a graduate from Northeastern University where I earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Science (dual major) with a minor in Business Administration. I have programming knowledge in CC++JavaMIPS AssemblyPerlPLT Scheme, and Smalltalk thanks to courses at Northeastern University. I was an active member of the Judo team and competed at the state and national levels. I was also the Secretary of Teachgroup, a student run club in association with Northeastern University and Compass Computer Camps. The group is responsible for organizing and running a week long summer program to teach high school students basic programming using the TeachScheme program developed at Northeastern by Matthias Fellesein. Additionally, I was involved in Crew a volunteer computer science systems group, where I served as a host on NUrd Radio, a podcast news program put on by the student group.