Cannot Access the WiFi Internet on Mac with: Cannot Allocate Memory

I have been noticing more and more frequently then when I switch between WiFi connections or switch between wired and WiFi connections that sometimes my WiFi connection would show that it was online, but I was unable to access anything on the LAN or WAN. I have experienced similar issues when DNS is not working properly, so my first test is to validate DNS is working. With this recent issue my test always returned:

So what is going on and how can you fix the issue?


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Crontab – Bad Minute

I had an interested problem the other day with crontab that I had never experienced before. When attempting to save the changes I had made to my crontab, I received the following error message:

“/tmp/crontab.XXXXXX.crontab”:1: bad minute errors in crontab file, can’t install. Do you want to retry the same edit?

The solution was to change my default text editor from vim to vi:

Based on an online search, this appears to be related to a newline issue probably due to my configuration changes to vim.