Major VMware Announcements

First, Gigamon breaks news of the Rubicon group at VMware and a possible split of Cloud Foundry and Greenplum from their respective companies – read more here. Next, TechCrunch announces that Paul Maritz is out as CEO of VMware and that EMC COO Pat Gelsinger will be replacing him – read more here. Of course the latter news begs the question, where is Paul going? As has been rumored for some time, EMC CEO Joe Tucci is planning to retire so that is one potential option. Another would be leading the Cloud Foundry / Greenplum spin-off. Wow, what a day! Oh, and I guess Office 2013 was released today if anyone cares…

ING Releases Android App

Surprisingly, I found out about the ING Android (amongst other phones) application via an email from ING prior to it being reported by any of the usual suspects including Gizmodo, Everything Android, and LifeHacker. All I can say is it is about time!

Check it out at:

Update: Unfortunately, for Android the application only currently supports finding free ATMs 🙁

vSphere 4.1 Released!

I am sure by now you have heard the news that VMware released vSphere 4.1. This announcement comes just over a month after the release of vSphere 4.0 Update 2 and exactly as predicted by The vSphere minor update brings many new and exciting as well as enhanced features to the server-class product. Instead of discussing everything that is new (e.g., VAAI) or improved (e.g., vMotion and HA) and instead of highlighting what people may consider the most important touch points (e.g., memory compression, storage I/O control and network I/O control), I would like to talk about several details of the announcement that I believe will be overlooked and their significance.

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DCOM Error

Today, while working on a Windows jump box I received a Windows error message stating that DCOM had shutdown unexpectedly and as such the computer was going to reboot in 60 seconds. I was not the only person on this jump box so I thought nothing of it. Once the 60 seconds had elapsed, my laptop, and not the jump box, restarted.

While this was weird, I thought nothing of it since I had been experiencing Windows issues with the device for some time. The computer rebooted and I logged back in. I decided to download the latest updates for my computer, but while loading the Windows update site the same error message appeared and after 60 seconds my computer rebooted again.

What was happening?

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