Outlook for Mac 2016 Calendar and Email Sync Issues

In my last post, I covered an error message I received randomly on mac os. After fixing the issue, I noticed that Outlook was behaving oddly including:

  • Calendar was not updating
  • All Calendar invites/updates/removals arrived as empty messages
  • Any time I deleted an email it would shortly reappear in the same folder
  • If I selected a message that had reappeared, it would magically disappear shortly thereafter

What was going on? Read on to learn more!

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Encrypting / Signing My Email!

I recently read an awesome blog by Michael White about how he encrypted/signed his email. Given all the news about security I figured it was a good time to consider doing this as well. Given my setup is a little different from Michaels I figured I would do a quick write-up. If you are running Outlook for Mac and are interested in encrypting/signing emails then read on!


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