How to Download Network Connect

From time to time I find myself trying download the Network Connect mac client. This client was owned by Juniper, but now belongs to Pulse Secure LLC. Unfortunately, neither have a link to download Network Connect so where can you find it?

jncThe easiest way is from your VPN! That is right, all you need to know is the path:


Note that given the switch to Pulse you should probably just use:



Network Connect Hangs on “Establishing secure connection…”

Being a work from home / travel employee means that VPN access is critical for me. From time to time I run into issues with my VPN that consume time and impact productivity. When I run across such issues I like to blog about them to hopefully solve the problem for someone else. In this post, I would like to discuss when Network Connect hangs with “Establishing secure connection…”

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Juniper Network Connect on Mac

Recently my laptop decided it no longer wanted to start. While it was in the Genius Bar, I dug up an old Macbook Pro (called MBP throughout the rest of this post) and began to configure it so I could use it for work. Configuring a different laptop gave me the opportunity to try out some new/updated applications and see if I could find more ways to be productive (I will cover this in a future post). In addition, it brought up some old issues I had experienced and gave me a chance to fix them and document them. In this post, I would like to talk about the problems I experienced attempting to connect to a Juniper Network Connect (called JNC throughout the rest of this post) VPN and how I was able to get it resolved.


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Overlapping Static Routes

Do you have to connect to a VPN in order to work? Do you need to connect to more than one VPN to work? Have you ever connected to a VPN that broke your Internet connection? VPNs are great, but static routes and DNS servers can really ruin your day sometimes. Recently, I had to connect to my work’s corporate VPN and from there had to connect to a separate internal VPN to access an environment I was working on (don’t ask). While connecting to multiple VPNs in and of itself is not an issue in my case I quickly learned that I did not have the connectivity I needed to access the environment through the second VPN.

What was happening and how can you fix it?

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