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Month: April 2013

Home Lab v2.0

It was a sad day when I realized my macbook pro was more powerful than my home lab server. However, it was the fact that the RAID card on my home lab server could not perform on ESXi 5.x that finally put me in the market for some new gear. So the question is what did I get and why?

Installing applications from an unknown source does not work

I have been an avid Android user since the beginning. I like Android because it allows me to customize with my phone as much as I would like. This past weekend, I decided to try a new launcher on my Samsung S3. The primary driver for this was because the native launcher, TouchWiz, was often sluggish and on occasion crashed. I had heard good things about a launcher called Nova so I decided to give it a shot.
I must admit, the Nova launcher is snappy! The only thing missing was the date/weather application that TouchWiz had natively built-in. To address this, I decided to install Weatherbug. A long time ago, I scored Weatherbug Elite from the Amazon Appstore for free. As such, I went to the Appstore and attempted to install the application. Everything went well until the dialog box came up asking me if I was ok with application permissions requirements. On that screen I had two options: Cancel and Install. The Cancel button worked as expected, but the Install button did nothing. The Install button did not highlight like the Cancel button did when I pressed it. No matter what I did, I could not get the Install button to function.
What was going on and how can you fix it?