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Log Insight: Importing Existing Logs

One question I get over and over again is can you / how do you import existing logs into Log Insight? The common use-cases are:

  • Support bundle – someone has a support bundle and wants to analyze the logs
  • RCA – an existing set of logs exist and analysis to determine the root cause of an issue is desired
  • Analysis – a log analysis tool does / did not exist and analysis of previous logs is desired

So, how to you import existing logs into Log Insight?

Time in Log Insight: Events + Timestamps + Queries

Next up in the blog series about time in Log Insight I would like to answer the question, what time is used when you issue a query to Log Insight? You might say the time the originator of the message indicated in the message itself, but this is not the case. Read on to learn more!
NOTE: This is a rather long post. If you plan on skimming, be sure to fully read and understand the Queries section below.

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