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Tag: DRS

Unable to apply DRS resource settings on host

While looking for a VM on a production vCenter Server instance the other day, I noticed that an ESX host had a red exclamation point on it. I suspected that VMware HA would need to be reconfigured on this host as I have seen this happen from time to time. Upon selecting the ESX host I received the following error message:

Unable to apply DRS resource settings on host (Reason: The name ‘<resource_pool>’ already exists.). This can significantly reduce the effectiveness of DRS.

I have to admit this was the first time I have ever seen this error message. In addition, upon thinking about what the error message actually meant, I did not understand how this problem could occur. At first, I tried to rename the resource pool in question, but the error message just changed to reflect the new resource pool name I had assigned. I did not want to disable and enable DRS as this would remove all the resource pools I had configured.
Any idea how to fix the issue?