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EDA: No COS NICs have been added by the user

I use the ESX Deployment Appliance (EDA) for all of my automated ESX(i) installation needs. The other day, I was attempting to configure an automated installation of ESX 4 via the EDA, but the installation kept hanging after displaying the message: No COS NICs have been added by the user. I switched to a console screen (Alt+F2) and began checking the weasel.log in /var/log. I quickly noticed that the server was attempting to PXE off of vmnic0. In ESX 3.5, I had configured the ksdevice value on the EDA to ethX. Based on this information, I updated the ksdevice field on the EDA. Upon attempting the installation a second time the same message appeared and again the installation hung. This time weasel.log was of little help as it still claimed to be booting off of vmnic0. Why was this not working?