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VMware BIOS Optimization Guide (vBOG)

For one of the group projects I am currently working on, we are in the process of ordering hardware for a VMware deployment. The other day I was asked by one of the hardware engineers for a standard BIOS configuration to be applied to all newly ordered systems. The question was directed at me because I am the VMware Subject Matter Expert (SME). This reminded me how difficult it is to determine the best practices on configuring a BIOS for a VMware environment. Searching the Internet, I found multiple attempts over the years to put together a VMware optimized list, but the list was never maintained. In addition, I found that most BIOS Optimization Guides (BOGs) were vendor specific. Finally, I was unable to find a BOG specific to ESX(i) and as many of you know a properly configured BIOS can make all the difference.
As such, I decided it would be a good idea to put together a VMware BIOS Optimization Guide or vBOG. While every BIOS is different, I hope to put together a comprehensive guide over time that will be continually maintained. My goal is not to explain every BIOS option, but to highlight all the VMware specific and important ones. I expect this topic to be controversial and I welcome any feedback. I will attempt to provide supporting documentation on all recommendations I provide. Please be advised that I am in no way a hardware expert. These recommendations come primarily from online research and general practice. In the future, I hope to add actually benchmarks into the guide to reforce the recommendations made.