vCloud Director and Wildcard SSL Certificates

I was recently asked to assist in configuring a wildcard SSL certificate on a pair of vCloud Director (vCD) cells. While the certificate had been installed on the cells, some browsers were displaying SSL errors such as the following:


While other browsers appeared to work: Until you drilled down a little further:

In addition, while uploading/downloading VMs SSL errors like the following were displayed:


So what was going on and how can it be fixed?

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vCloud Director Open File Handles

For those of you with an active dpeloyment of VMware’s vCloud Director (vCD) or those looking into deploying it, I would like to point out an important thing to check on your Red Hat vCD cells. From:

General Issues

“Too many open files” errors

vCloud Director can require high open file limits. Make sure that every cell in your vCloud Director environment allows processes to open more than 1024 files. To see what the current limit is for a cell, log in to the cell, and type ulimit -n. If it says 1024 or less, then take the following steps to increase the open files limit:

  1. Type su -.
  2. Edit /etc/security/limits.conf and make sure it includes the following lines:
    * soft nofile 65535
    * hard nofile 65535
  3. Edit /etc/pam.d/login to include the following line:
    session required
  4. Type the following command to restart the cell:
    service vmware-vcd restart
  5. Log out of the cell and log back in.
  6. Type ulimit -n to verify your changes.