vCloud Director Gotchas for Log Insight

For those of you deploying Log Insight on vCloud Director (VCD) I wanted to point out a couple gotchas to be aware of. Read on to learn more.

  1. VCD does not respect the OVF specification sizing option: The result is that when you deploy Log Insight you do not have the option to specify the size of the instance — small through large. Of course, you can manually configure the size after the deployment step and even create a template with the desired size. However, there is a second gotcha.
  2. VCD’s quota mechanism uses the largest specified sizing option in the OVF specification regardless of what the virtual appliance is actually configured for: This means you may deploy and configure LI on VCD to be 4 CPU and 8 GB of memory however your quota for the VM will be 16 CPU and 32 GB of memory.

To get around both gotchas the following steps are recommended:

  • Deploy the LI OVA to a vSphere instance
  • Specify the desired size of the LI instance during the vSphere deployment operation
  • (Optional) Power on the LI instance and allow it to complete the firstboot operation then power off the instance.

    Note: Do NOT configure LI via the UI (more on this in a future post)

  • Export the LI instance in OVA format
  • Import the exported LI instance into VCD

Note the gotchas listed here are VCD limitations and not LI limitations — other products (e.g. vR Ops) will suffer from the same gotchas.

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