Welcome to the all new SFlanders.net!

Hello everyone and welcome! You have just stumbled upon the all new SFlanders.net website. For those of you who do not know me, my name is Steve Flanders and this site was created to provide useful information I have collected over the years as well as to highlight things I am interested in.
For some time, I had been planning to completely redesign my website. Over the last year I have been busy with a variety of activities including graduating from college, getting engaged, getting married, and accepting a new job (to name a few). I wanted to wait to publish the new site until I was able to port over all my old content, but since most of the old content needs to be updated I am not sure when the transition will be complete. As such, you will find my new site with a new blog, an updated resume, and a link to my old wiki. Over time, the old content will be converted and posted here, but until then the old wiki will remain.
My primary reasons for wanting the new site active are to cleanup all the content, utilize a new/easier web frontend (i.e. Joomla instead of Pmwiki), and to start blogging (thus this post). My first few posts will likely contain documentation content that I feel would be more useful in a blog post than a dedicated documentation category, and to discuss the website transition. After awhile, this blog will primarily focus on slogan of the site: Architecting vCloud Technologies.
I hope you enjoy the new site (please pardon the appearance during the transition) and continue checking out my blog posts!

© 2009, Steve Flanders. All rights reserved.

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