New (Old) Slogan

Coming up with a slogan for a website or blog is not a trivial task. After much self deliberation I decided upon what I though was a unique and creative one: Architecting vCloud Technologies. To my dismay, VMware created an employee title known as a vCloud Architect. Since I work for EMC and not VMware I began thinking about whether the slogan still fit. After having the pleasure of meeting a VMware vCloud Architect I felt the answer was no. Lengthy conversations with the architect made it clear to me that EMC was architecting one of many vCloud technologies. You may be aware of VMware’s marketing campaign promoting their vCloud initiative: vCloud Express. This “award” was open to any company and highlights some of the vCloud technologies available today. Based on this information I decided my slogan needed to change. Struggling to find a better one I have come to the realization that my original slogan best highlights my skills and interests. As such, I have changed my slogan back to: Scripting, Automation, and VMware Technologies.

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