I am finally a VCP!

Over a year and a half later than I hoped to take the exam, I finally did and I passed! The main reasons for the delay was because of the VMware requirement of taking at least one VMware class prior to the exam and the decision to change jobs back in December of 2009. I have to admit, while I feel extremely comfortable using VMware datacenter products like ESX(i) and vCenter Server, the exam was much harder than I expected. The questions, while fair, were not what I expected or considered important to know. In addition, all the mock exams I found online were of little or no assistance for the real test. My advice for anyone preparing to take the exam is to make sure you read the configuration maximums and installation guides at a minimum. Ideally, I would recommend reading most of the white papers including ones about networking and storage. Finally, be sure to study things that are outside of your comfort zone and outside of the core datacenter components like ESX(i) and vCenter Server such as VMware Guided Consolidation, VMware Host Update Utility, vCenter Orchestrator, vCenter Converter, VMware Data Recovery, VMware vShield zones, VMware Fault Tolerance, etc.

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