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OVF Tool: Special Characters in URL Locators

This might be common knowledge, but it tripped me up recently so thought I would write a quick post on it. OVF Tool allows you to pass credential information to destination connections. The syntax of such commands is:


An issue that might arise is that the password being passed has special characters. One password special character that would cause an issue is ‘@’ as it is used to separate a password from a host.
How do you escape special characters to avoid this issue?

With OVF Tool version 2.1 and greater the documentation states the following:

Encoding Special Characters in URL Locators
When you use URIs as locators, you must escape special characters using % followed by their ASCII hex value.
For instance, if you use a “@” in your password, it must be escaped with %40 as in vi://foo:b%[email protected],
and a slash in a Windows domain name (\) can be specified as %5c.

For a quick list of HEX values you can reference:

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  1. Cristina Cristina

    Furthermore, there’s the question of what happens if URL / username / password contains non-ASCII characters

  2. lonqi lonqi

    tks for your help ~\(≧▽≦)/~

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