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BUG ALERT: OVF Tool 3.0.1 on Mac

So I have been doing a lot of work with OVF Tool as of late. In addition, I have been trying hard to ensure that all VMware scripts that I create can be run natively on my Mac (no particular reason). While going through this exercise I ran into some interesting error messages when attempting to deploy OVAs using OVF Tool 3.0.1 on Mac.

I started by attempting to deploy VCSA version 5.1 directly to an ESXi 5.1 host using the following command:

This deployment worked as expected. Next, I attempted to deploy VSM version 5.1.2 directly to an ESXi 5.1 host using a similar command:

This deployment failed with a cryptic error message. Initially I thought I might have a bad OVA so I performed a MD5 and confirmed it checked out. Next, I tried to deploy an older version of VSM: version 5.0 – same error message. Was it just VSM? On a whim I attempted to deploy VSM version 5.1.2 to a VCSA instance instead of an ESXi host – same error message. Finally, I attempted to deploy VCSA version 5.1 to a VCSA instance – this deployment failed as well! At this point I realized something funny was going on…
Next, I fired up an Ubuntu 12.04 VM via Fusion. I installed OVF Tool version 3.0.1 for Linux on it and performed that same exact tests. All tests deployed successfully! OK, so it looked like I had proved the issue was with OVF Tool 3.0.1. Next, I decided to revert back to OVF Tool 2.1.0 for Mac.

Note: It appears older versions of OVF Tool are not available for download from Luckily, I had saved the previous version installation package so I could revert back.

I ran the exact tests again this time on OVF Tool version 2.1.0 for Mac and all tests deployed successfully! At this point I had proved there was an issue with OVF Tool 3.0.1 for Mac and that the issue was a regression from OVF Tool 2.1.0 for Mac. I went ahead and submitted the bug to VMware.

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