Top vBlog 2014 Voting Open!

As I am sure you heard, over the weekend voting for the Top vBlog 2014 opened! For those not familiar, the Top vBlog is a community-based voting system for the top 50 VMware/Virtualization-based blogs. In addition to the top 50, voting for specific types of blog based on category is possible. According to Eric Siebert, who hosts this annual event, voting should be based on several factors including longevity, length, frequency, and quality. While I have voted in previous years, this is the first year I am featured on the great list. There are some amazing blogs from some amazing people (over 300 total!!!) and I am honored to be part of them this year.

The format of the voting system is straight-forward, blogs appear alphabetically and you must select at least ten. Blogs that were in the top 50 last year are marked as such in parenthesis. Upon selecting at least ten blogs, you must rank them in the order you believe they should appear in. The order is important because points are awarded by the order you select. After voting for the Top vBlogs, you then get to select the best blogs for specific categories. That’s it!

I enjoy contributing content and I hope you enjoy the material. If you do, please let me know by casting your vote! Voting is open until 3/17/14 so be sure to head over and vote soon be clicking here. Thanks for visiting my blog and check back soon for more content.

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