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Creating and Extending Logical Volumes

While I do not frequently have the need to create or extend logical volumes, I find that every time I do I need to lookup the commands. To make it easier for myself and others, I have decided to put together the commands I frequently run.

UPDATE: Added some more information and broke it down into a two step process.

1. Disk

a. DisksĀ less than 2 TB

NOTE: You can join multiple disksĀ that are less than 2TB together instead of using a larger disk.

b. Disks greater than 2 TB

2. Volumes

a. Create volumes

b. Extend volumes

NOTE: I find that using -L with a size often fails and -l with extents works better. You can use vgdisplay to find out how many extents you have available to use.


Looking for similar directions for Windows? See this post by Michael White.

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