Log Insight: Product Version Numbers

I have heard a few mentions of confusion over the Log Insight product version numbers used and how they map to GA releases versus patched releases. I would like to clarify what the version format is and what previous versions have used.

Version Format

The version number uses the following format: <major>.<minor>.<patch>.<build>
This means that Log Insight 2.0 GA should be version 2.0.0.<build> and 2.0 GA Update 1 should be 2.0.1.<build>. Simple right?

Released Versions

The released versions to date have been:

  • (1.0 GA)
  • (1.5 GA)
  • (1.5 GA Update 1)
  • (2.0 GA)
  • (2.0 GA Update 1)
  • (2.5 GA)

Wait Log Insight 1.0 GA (no update) is 1.0.4? Shouldn’t it be 1.0 GA Update 4? Also, what is going on with Log Insight 2.0? The mapping above is correct, but the <patch> part of the version was likely not intended to be used for official patch releases. The good news is, Log Insight 2.5 is treating the <patch> part of the version correctly and if a patch is released for 2.5 it will hopefully be 2.5.1.<build>. I hope this helps!

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