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How to Change the Default Ports on Log Insight

By default, Log Insight is configured listen on the following ports:

  • UI: 80/443
  • Syslog: 514/1514/6514
  • CFAPI: 9000/9543

The question becomes, how do you change these default ports?

WARNING: The following is not officially supported. Proceed at your own risk.

While the UI does not offer a way to change the default ports, you can from the CLI. You may be tempting to change the ports on the applications opening them. For example, you may try to change the ports on the Tomcat configuration, but your changes may be overridden by Log Insight. Instead, you can change the configuration of Log Insight. To do this, you need to create a new — actually updated — configuration on the master node and then restart each node starting with the master. The only information you need is the configuration section for the port(s) you wish to change. These configurations are as follows:

The actual steps would be (be sure to read the comments below):

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