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Month: June 2015

Log Insight: From Standalone to Cluster

If you started with Log Insight 1.x or with an environment that a single Log Insight node could handle then you likely are running a standalone node. Upon upgrading to Log Insight 2.x, when ingestion increases above the amount a single node can handle or when business requirements change (e.g. requiring ingestion HA), moving from a standalone Log Insight instance to a cluster may become necessary. While building a cluster, even with an already leveraged standalone node, is very straightforward, there are several considerations to take into account. In this post, I will walk through these considerations as well as the process to perform the transformation.

3 Reasons to Use a Service Account in Log Insight

I have been asked a few times when you may consider having a service account for the Log Insight UI. In general, all activities should be done by an individual user with their own individual credentials. Like most systems, I would advise against the use of the default admin account. There are a couple of scenarios though where a service account can be beneficial and I would like to discuss these scenarios in this post.

How to turn VIM into an IDE

I am by no means a full-time software developer, but I find myself from time-to-time needing to dig into some code. While many developers use an IDE, I find IDEs overkill for my use-cases and an unnecessary dependency on my systems. I recently saw a colleague using VIM very similar to an IDE and I become intrigued. With a little help, I got everything setup and now have an easily portable IDE in an interface I frequently use: VIM. In this post, I would like to walk through the steps that were shown to me to get this all setup.