Home Lab v3.0: Diagrams

Now that I talked a bit about my home lab v3.0 equipment including my custom rack solution, I would next like to cover some diagrams of the environment configuration. Read on to learn more!


Given the chance to revamp the home lab, there were a few changes I either had to or wanted to address:

  • I wanted my own gateway and router: I have had more problems with rented ISP equipment and paying for garbage equipment just does not make sense to me
  • I needed a switch for my hard-wired Ethernet: Previously, I did not need a physical switch
  • I wanted Internet access during power outages: While I am not sure how power is in my new location, I have experienced my share of power outages and wanted to ensure I had Internet access for as long as possible

Logical Diagram

Based on my existing equipment, my new equipment and the above considerations, I came up with the following logical diagram of my environment:Home Lab v3.0 GenericAs you can see, I focused my UPS on equipment I either wanted to stay online (e.g. Internet) or wanted to gracefully shutdown (e.g. NFS). The true “Home Lab” part of the environment consists of physical/virtual gear that can be easily isolated as needed. Everything else looks like a traditional home network, but also can be easily isolated as needed.


So you may be wondering what all of this equipment is. While I covered some of it in my previous post, let me fill in some blanks:
Home Lab v3.0 SpecificLooking for more information? Hit me up in the comments.

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