Log Insight: Agent Download and Default Server Configuration

In my last post, I talked about outbound notification URLs and how to override them. In this post, I would like to talk about server-side agent download and the default server configuration. Read on to learn more!

When you download the Log Insight Agent from the /admin/agents page, it comes with a default server configuration as specified in the filename of the downloaded package. The filename follows the format: VMware-Log-Insight-Agent-<version>_<serverIP>. The <serverIP> is determined in a similar manner to the outbound notification URL. There are only two changes from my previous blog post:

  1. The IP address is always used — even if a FQDN is specified
  2. The “webui-server-name” /internal/config option does NOT work for the agent download today

In short, the <serverIP> will either be the IP sorted alphabetic VIP or the master node for standalone instance if no VIP has been configured. If you would like to be able to specify the <serverIP> for the agent download, be sure to vote for it here.

Note: There is a simple workaround to this issue. After downloading the agent, change the <serverIP> part of the filename before installing the package. You can even use a FQDN if you desire.

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2 comments on “Log Insight: Agent Download and Default Server Configuration

Steve Bristow says:

totally agree with the article, but replacing the IP with an FQDN seems to result in “LOGINSIGHT” as the hostname. Is there something I am missing?

Hmm I thought that worked, but in worst case you can specify it as an install parameter: http://pubs.vmware.com/log-insight-45/topic/com.vmware.log-insight.agent.admin.doc/GUID-0F1114AB-0315-478C-B84B-863ABA393809.html

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