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Month: March 2018

VMware Cloud Services: Introduction

At VMworld US 2017, VMware announced six VMware Cloud Services in addition to VMware Cloud on AWS. In addition, a new landing page was made available which includes other existing VMware products as well. While I plan on doing a deep-dive on at least the management products available as part of VMware Cloud Services, in this post I would like to cover what was made available in the management space, how you go about signing up for VMware Cloud Services and what the console looks like. Read on to learn more!

Log Insight: The Evolution of the UI

Log Insight has been around for many years now and the product is always evolving. I recently was asked to assist with a Log Insight instance running internally and when I logged into the UI I almost did not recognize the product. This was because the instance was running an old version of Log Insight. Based on this, I thought it would be cool to show how the UI has evolved over time. Read on to learn more!