Log Insight: Change Ownership of Alerts

As you probably know, non-content pack alerts are owned by users. The question becomes, what happens if a user who has alerts leaves the company? Put another way, how do you change the ownership of user alerts? Read on to learn more!

Luckily, there is a process to resolve this issue:

  • Log in as a super admin user and navigate to /admin/users
  • Select the pencil icon next to the user with the alerts desired and select the Impersonate button
  • Navigate to /contentpack and under Customer Content select My Content
  • Select the gear icon next to My Content and select Export…
  • Select the alerts, or any other content desired, fill in the metadata, at least the namespace, and select Export
  • Log out of LI
  • If you wish to make the user’s alerts available to everyone
    • Log in as a super admin user
    • Navigate to /contentpack
    • Import the content pack as a content pack
  • If you wish to import the user’s alerts to another private user’s account
    • Log in as the other user
    • Navigate to /contentpack
    • Import into My Content


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