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Must Have Kubernetes Tools

I figured I would wrap up my three-part mini-series on Kubernetes by talking about some tools that make interacting with Kubernetes easier. Read on to learn more!

In my last post, I talked about kubectl and minikube — these are must haves. As a refresher:

Kubectl has a lot of commands so autocompletion is important. With HomeBrew you get this for free if you configured auto-completion for your shell already:

Not too long after you start interacting with k8s you will run into namespace and/or multiple clusters. As soon as you find yourself interacting with multiple namespaces or clusters you should definitely take a look at the kubectx and kubens commands:

If you leverage Git today via the CLI, you likely have prompt information whenever you access a Git repo. The same can be achieved with k8s:

As you begin to install and upgrade items running on k8s you may find a package manager helpful. While perhaps not a must-have today, helm is worth considering:

Finally, aliases and functions can make your life easier. I have created and leverage the following today:

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