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3 Reasons to Use a Service Account in Log Insight

I have been asked a few times when you may consider having a service account for the Log Insight UI. In general, all activities should be done by an individual user with their own individual credentials. Like most systems, I would advise against the use of the default admin account. There are a couple of scenarios though where a service account can be beneficial and I would like to discuss these scenarios in this post.

12 Reasons Why You Should Use The Log Insight Agent

When the Log Insight Windows agent was released in version 2.0, the decision to use the agent was easy because Windows does not natively support syslog. Given the release of the Log Insight Linux agent, I have been asked a few times why the agent should be used over already available syslog agents like Rsyslog and Syslog-NG for sending events to a remote destination like Log Insight. I would like to cover 12 reasons in this post.

Log Insight: Configuring Event Forwarding Between Two Instances Without Creating A Loop

From time to time, I hear about the desire to configure two separate Log Insight instances to forward to one another without creating a loop. In this post, I will discuss the reasons for this desired state, the best practice to achieve this desired state and some alternatives to consider. Read on to learn more!

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