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Tag: Load balancer

Log Insight 2.5: Integrated Load Balancer

Log Insight 2.0 featured a scale-out option which relied on an external load balancer in order to support ingestion high availability. In Log Insight 2.5 an integrated load balancer is available. I would like to discuss the features of the integrated load balancer and also offer a comparison between using an external load balancer versus the integrated load balancer.

Using Load Balancers in Transparent Mode – A Workaround

In my last post, I talked about two routing modes used on load balancers: NAT and transparent. As you may recall, I recommended against using transparent mode unless it is a common practice to use a load balancer as the default gateway in your environment. In this blog post, I would like to provide another workaround that would enable transparent mode without having to point the default gateway of your Log Insight nodes to the load balancer!

Log Insight Cluster: Data Not Balanced Across Nodes

In Log Insight 2.0 a scale-out feature was introduced. The best practice when using scale-out is to configure an external load balancer in front of the cluster and send all ingestion traffic (i.e. syslog and ingestion API) to the load balancer instead of directly to a node. The reason for this best practice is to assist with balancing data across nodes and also to provide ingestion high availability. In this post, I would like to discuss why data may not be balanced across a Log Insight cluster whether a load balancer is used or not.