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Tag: 2.5

Log Insight 2.5: Integrated Load Balancer

Log Insight 2.0 featured a scale-out option which relied on an external load balancer in order to support ingestion high availability. In Log Insight 2.5 an integrated load balancer is available. I would like to discuss the features of the integrated load balancer and also offer a comparison between using an external load balancer versus the integrated load balancer.

Log Insight 2.5: No POODLE

There have been two major security vulnerabilities exposed this year that impacted most VMware products: ShellShock and POODLE. Log Insight addressed ShellShock by releasing a patch for Log Insight 1.5 GA, 2.0 GA and 2.5 TP3 and newer. In Log Insight 2.5 GA the POODLE attack has also been mitigated. In short, SSLv3 has been disabled. To my knowledge, this is the first VMware product with a server-side fix against POODLE that does not require manual user intervention. Note previous versions of Log Insight have not been patched. If you wish to disable SSLv3 on previous versions of Log Insight, read on.

Log Insight 2.5: Edit Queries

Log Insight provides multiple different ways to save queries (e.g. extracted fields, favorites, alerts, and dashboard widgets). To date, only extracted fields could be edited after they were saved. In Log Insight 2.5, the ability to edit all types of saved queries has been introduced. I would like to walk through how queries can be edited and what this new feature means to Log Insight users.

Log Insight 2.5: Content Pack Marketplace

One of the greatest featuresĀ of Log Insight is its notion of content packs. Content packs are free plugins into Log Insight with pre-defined knowledge about specific events (for more information check out this post). Content packs are available from a variety of different locations and Log Insight 2.5 includes a new way that makes installing and updating content packs even easier!