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Tag: Architecture

Log Insight Agent: Detecting Directories and Files

The Log Insight agent can be configured to monitor log files within specific directories. It is important to understand how and when the agent detects directories and files in order to ensure that events are monitored and collected properly. In this post, I will discuss the differences between how the agent handles directories versus files.

Let's Talk About Best Practices

So I am sure you have heard the term “best practices” before. The phrase literally means the best way to practice/configure/administrate/operate/etc something. The problem with best practices is that what is best for one is often not best for all. To complicate matters, declared best practices are often dependent on a variety of items including environment, requirements, and expertise. People have debated the use of the term “best practices” and many have suggested using the term “recommended practices” instead. The connotation of recommended is that it is the de facto standard given a lack of context. In other words, a recommended practice is the recommended way to configure/administrate/operate/etc something in most cases or in cases where no additional information/requirements/etc are given.
You may be asking why I am bringing this up…
Highway Sign "Best Practice"