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Dell Repository Manager: Bundle does not contain any components

I recently added another server into my home lab; it was a used Dell PowerEdge T620. As part of the process to get the new server online, I started by upgrading the firmware. Given this was a Dell server, I had a view options to upgrade the firmware:

  • Dell Repository Manager
  • Dell Server Update Utility (SUU)
  • Manually on the Dell drivers and downloads page

My preference is to use Dell Repository Manager because it makes it possible to download the smallest amount of data necessary to perform the upgrade. After upgrading the Dell Repository Manager software on my Windows 8 Fusion VM and downloading the firmware related to the T620, I attempted to burn an ISO. At the final step of the wizard, I was presented with an error that stated:

Bundle does not contain any components

The result was the inability to burn an ISO with the downloading firmware. What was going on and how can you fix it?

Upgrading Dell Firmware

When I upgraded my home lab to ESXi 5.0 I ran into an issue with a server and one of the troubleshooting steps was to upgrade the firmware. Due to limited time, I opted to manually download and apply individual firmware packages as needed. Recently, I decided to overhaul my entire home lab, which runs on Dell PowerEdge servers, and as part of the process I decided to find the vendor supported way of checking for and applying firmware packages automatically. This is my story…

Hung Server/VMs post ESXi 5.0 upgrade

I have a home lab running vSphere on some PowerEdge T110 servers. My environment was running 4.1, but I recently (6 months ago!) decided to upgrade to 5.0. After I upgraded I started to experience VMs becoming inaccessible on a single server. I attempted to log into the Tech Support Mode on the ESXi server and noticed that once I typed in my password the server hung and never returned. Upon reboot the issue was resolved, however this issue kept reoccurring. My other servers were working without issue so I first looked at hardware. The server experiencing the issue reported no hardware issues and the ESXi logs looked relatively clean.
So what was going on?