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Tag: Log Insight

Announcing vCenter Log Insight!

Do you use log messages to troubleshoot issues and perform root cause analysis? Have you ever opened a service request with VMware or any other vendor and been requested to upload a support bundle? If you answered yes to the second question then you should have answered yes to the first. What many people do not realize is that log messages typically provide as much information as traditional monitoring tools and are often used by support teams to resolve an incident. In addition, log messages are usually easier to understand than monitoring tools such as SNMP that require you to translate information like those found in MIBs.
Today, VMware announced a new product that allows administrators and executives to get better insight into their environments via log messages. The product is called vCenter Log Insight and it is a log aggregation, correlation, reporting, and monitoring tool specifically tailored for VMware products.
Why would VMware want to get into this market?