Top vBlog 2017 Voting Now Open!

It is that time of the year again — the Top vBlog voting is now open! Just like previous years, you are asked to vote based on criteria including longevity, length, frequency, and quality. Like the last few years, I have blogged extensively on Log Insight — I wish that had a top Management Blog category! In addition, I have covered other VMware topics including vSphere, NSX, VIDM, and PowerCLI. In total, I published over 90 posts in 2016 — a decrease from 2015, but I hope an increase in quality of content. I appreciate your consideration in voting this year!

Log Insight 4.3: Outbound Notifications and URLs

Log Insight has always supported outbound notifications for both user alerts and system notifications. These outbound notifications contain a link back to the Log Insight instance. What exactly this link back points to depends on the configuration of your Log Insight instance. In this post, I would like to cover the decision-making process for this link and how you can override it if desired. Read on to learn more!

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