invalid request: domain is not configured for preauth

I was recently playing around with my Zimbra installation and was specifically trying to figure out how to configure administrator accounts. By default, a single global administrator is configured during installation. While this is good, I needed the following:

  • Change the global administrator to a different domain / account
  • Add multiple administrators, one per domain
  • Grant certain administrators administrator access to multiple domains

While playing around with the Zimbra configuration, I navigated to https://<FQDN>:5480 (I am running the appliance version) and logged in with the vmware user account. Upon selecting the Zimbra Administration tab, I was greeted by:

Problem accessing /service/preauth. Reason:
invalid request: domain is not configured for preauth

I had no issues in the past so I knew it had to have been something I changed. So what was causing the problem?

A quick Google search on the error brought me to: I tried everything, but was unable to resolve the error. I was about to revert back to a backup copy of the installation when I realized the system now had two administrator accounts, but only one unique one per domain. When I installed the system, I had to enter the first domain and user name and that pair was created as an administrator. I removed the second administrator account, which I had manually created leaving only the default and the error went away! I still need to research how to have multiple administrator accounts and not get the above error. I will keep you posted on my progress!

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