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Review: VMware Horizon Mail

As I mentioned last week, VMware released an officially supported mail client (for Zimbra). About two years ago VMware released a fling called Zimbra for Android. This application was well received, but not well maintained throughout its life. It appears enough demand was generated for VMware to create and release Horizon Mail. I have been using the application for work since last week and have put together a brief review of the pros and cons from my perspective.

invalid request: domain is not configured for preauth

I was recently playing around with my Zimbra installation and was specifically trying to figure out how to configure administrator accounts. By default, a single global administrator is configured during installation. While this is good, I needed the following:

  • Change the global administrator to a different domain / account
  • Add multiple administrators, one per domain
  • Grant certain administrators administrator access to multiple domains

While playing around with the Zimbra configuration, I navigated to https://<FQDN>:5480 (I am running the appliance version) and logged in with the vmware user account. Upon selecting the Zimbra Administration tab, I was greeted by:

Problem accessing /service/preauth. Reason:
invalid request: domain is not configured for preauth

I had no issues in the past so I knew it had to have been something I changed. So what was causing the problem?