An error occurred during host configuration

When creating an NFS datastore on an ESXi host the other day, I received the following error message:

An error occurred during host configuration.

If you look at the task details it says:

Operation failed, diagnostics report: Unable to complete Sysinfo operation.
Please see the VMkernel log file for more details.

What was causing the issue?

This error message is not really helpful and can be caused by a variety of issues. Things to try:

  • Ensure you can ping / resolve the FQDN of the NAS device from vCenter
  • Ensure DNS is configured properly on your NAS device
  • Ensure you are entering the right folder location when adding NAS datastore
  • Ensure the permissions on the NAS device is set properly for your ESX(i) servers(s) – also note root access is required

I have personally seen that all of these issues have caused the error message to appear. In my particular case, permissions were causing the problem.

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