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Tag: ESXi

ESXi Remote Syslog – It's All or Nothing

I frequently get questions around how to forward only certain log files from ESXi or how to collect a log file that is missing. I get the question so frequently that it warrants a quick post. The title of this post says it all – it’s all or nothing. If you configure remote syslog on ESXi then you will get all configured logs files from ESXi. There is no supported way today to customize what logs files are stored locally versus sent remotely. The only customization that you can make is what severity logs messages are forwarded to the remote syslog destinations by changing log verbosity, however this is not recommended (read here for more information).

ESXi syslog – A general system error occurred: Internal error

A long time ago, I talked about an internal error messages I received on ESXi. The workaround was to reboot the ESXi host, which is not the best outcome in my opinion. Recently, I hit this issue again, but this time specific to trying to configure remote syslog. I saw this issue will configuring vSphere integration on Log Insight and would like walk through the steps I took to address the issue.