PING: transmit failed, error code 1232

While testing a vCenter Heartbeat (vCHB) installation, I cloned the Windows VM used for vCenter Server, but did not use guest customization as the vCHB directions stated not to. Since guest customization was not selected, sysprep was not run on the new Windows system.
Once the clone was complete, I followed the directions and disconnected the vNICs. Next, I powered the system up and changed the IPs. Finally, I reconnected the vNICs. I tried a ping to an outside address and to an IP configured on the VM and received:

PING: transmit failed, error code 1232.


The VMware Communities pointed to NIC or driver issues, but I knew this did not apply in my case.
The solution in my case was to disable IPv6 on each NIC. Upon doing so ping began to work! After re-enabling IPv6 ping continued to work. While I am not sure why this fixed the issue, I have found this to fix issues with networking on Windows VMs in the past and found yet another case where it may provide a solution.

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M says:

I had same issue, had to strip out the IP address of the NIC, then re-enter it after the above solution didn’t work.

Thanks for the additional information!

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