VMware Announces the Beta Open PaaS Offering of Cloud Foundry!

Over the last year, I have been working very closely with VMware developers writing cloud PaaS applications. As of today, one of these PaaS applications has left beta and is now publicly available! I am happy to announce the beta open PaaS offering of Cloud Foundry. Now you may be wondering what it is and how it works. VMware has done a very good job of explaining this in detail (http://www.vmware.com/company/news/releases/cloud-foundry-apr2011.html).
Here are some of the links you should check out:

Oh, did I also mention that Cloud Foundry is open source and that you can contribute to the project at http://www.cloudfoundry.org!?!
From the Cloud Foundry FAQ:
What is CloudFoundry.org?
The open-source cloudfoundry.org allows developers to participate in the community forum and add to the project.
For full catalog of software services available in open source stack, please refer to the community
website www.cloudfoundry.org.
What is being open sourced? Why is VMware open sourcing the technology?
Cloud Foundry is based upon open system architecture with fundamental tenets of friction free development.
VMware believes in cloud era, this maps to flexibility and community participation, i.e open source. With this
fundamental belief, VMware is open sourcing Cloud Foundry application execution engine, application services
interface and cloud provider interface.
Expect more exciting news to come in the near future with the release of Micro Cloud and new services being integrated into the Cloud Foundry application.
From the Cloud Foundry FAQ:
What is a Micro Cloud?
Micro Cloud is a single developer instance of Cloud Foundry. It provides developers with a personal PaaS that
runs on their desktop. Micro Cloud is provided as a downloadable software image for VMware Fusion or
VMware Player, as well a hosted image on selected cloud partners.
Micro Cloud will be available within a few weeks, signup at www.cloudfoundry.com to get notified.

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