Cloud Foundry v2.0 Coming!

Cloud Foundry transitioned to the Pivotal Initiative only a few months ago, but the wheels have been turning behind the scenes. News of the pending changes has been released as well as the time table.
So what changes are coming and what does it mean for your applications running on today?

Here is the email that was sent to existing users:

Dear Cloud Foundry User, has exciting news and important upcoming changes –

  • V2 will be available around June 10th!!!
  • The V1 service will be closed on June 30th
  • You will need to migrate your apps and data from the V1 service prior to deletion on June 30th
  • V2 will soon become a paid service
  • You will receive special early access with a time-limited free trial to the V2 service around June 10th

Second, we are introducing new capabilities:

  • Higher quotas – grow your application by easily adding additional memory
  • Organizations and spaces – collaborate effectively and track resources as your application grows
  • Cloud Foundry Web Console – manage users, organizations, spaces and more
  • Buildpacks – let you choose runtimes, frameworks and application containers
  • Custom Domains – brand your app with your own domain
  • Marketplace – allows you to add and bind 3rd party services to your app
  • CF command line interface – deploy and manage applications on the new

During the early access period, we will be updating and integrating application services frequently, so if your application uses a specific service that is not yet available, please bear with us while we add new services.
Third, be on the lookout for an email with details on how to access your free trial as well as pricing information around June 10th.
Lastly, as part of our ongoing commitment to the open PaaS and multi-cloud approach, V2 will be hosted on Amazon Web Services.
Thank you for your participation and contribution to Your use of the service has helped build the industry’s leading Open Platform as a Service. If you have any questions about the contents of this email, simply click reply and let us know how we can help.
We’ll be in touch soon.
The Cloud Foundry Team

In short, the following is happening:

  1. is moving and you must manually move your applications from the old service
  2. will no longer be free
  3. will have lots of new features
  4. will run on Amazon Web services

For existing users, these changes may come as a surprise. At the very least, I assume many people expected some limited free version of the service to exist. In addition, users may be surprised that the service is moving to Amazon. It is clear that the direction of Cloud Foundry has changed since the transition from VMware to the Pivotal Initiative, but the enterprise approach that is being taken is a necessary and welcomed additional to the PaaS space.

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