Introducing Partner Content Packs for vCenter Log Insight!

VMware announced today the addition of partner content packs for the vCenter Log Insight product. So what is a content pack and why should you care?

Content packs are immutable, or read-only, plugins to Log Insight that provide pre-defined knowledge about specific types of events such as log messages. The goal of a content pack is to provide knowledge about a specific set of events in a format easily digestible by administrators, engineers, monitoring teams, and executives. A content pack is made up of information that can be saved from either the Dashboards or Interactive Analytics pages in Log Insight. This includes:

  • Queries
  • Fields
  • Aggregations
  • Alerts
  • Dashboards

By default, Log Insight ships with the vSphere content pack, but additional content packs can be imported as needed. In addition, any Log Insight user can create a content pack for private or public consumption.
Today, VMware announced ( a marketplace ( where content packs can be downloaded. In the marketplace, several partners have already posted content packs. These include content packs from:

Jon Herlocker also has some great insight about partner content packs in his latest blog post available here: Finally, a new communities site was also made available here:

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