Log Insight: Reset Admin Password from CLI

In Log Insight the admin password can be changed from the web UI, but what happens when you forget all the admin passwords?

If at least one admin password is known then that admin password should be used to set the admin password of the user(s) who have forgotten their admin password. If all admin passwords are unknown or only a single admin user exists and that admin user’s password is unknown then the command line must be used to reset the account.
Tip: Create a second admin account to limit the chances of locking yourself out.
The Log Insight documentation outlines the steps necessary to reset the admin password from the command line. The steps require running several commands which in turn update a Postgres database. For those who are not familiar with Postgres or may not be comfortable using a command line, this process may seem daunting. As such, I have created a script that will reset the admin password for you. I posted the script to the Log Insight community page here: http://loginsight.vmware.com/a/dtd/Reset-admin-password-command-line-script/13833-24427.
To use the script just copy it to the virtual appliance under /opt/vmware/bin.¬†Please note, the script is meant to be run on Log Insight 1.5 TP2 or newer. If you are running an older version of Log Insight then you will need to modify the script and remove both occurrences of: and domain=’${ADMINPASSWORD}’
The Log Insight community page is a great way to share information about Log Insight. It also houses all the information about the Log Insight Tech Preview (TP) program. As such, I encourage everyone to register for the community and start a discussion!

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