Log Insight 2.0 Beta Released!

Less than three months since the announcement of Log Insight 1.5 GA and VMware has announced Log Insight 2.0 Beta. With the beta comes a lot of new features. Over the new few weeks, I will be diving into the new features, but today I want to highlight the important parts of the release notes.

What’s New

  • Scale-Out with High Availability
    • 5x-10x throughput improvement in Cluster mode
    • Single UI to query all the data
  • Proactive Analytics
    • Machine learning enabled summarization of event types & schema recognition
    • Smart fields to aid in extraction
  • Super-Powered Dashboards
    • Easily add new data filters on the fly
    • Interact between dashboard widgets
  • RESTful API for log ingestion
  • Improved self-monitoring tools
  • Windows collection agent
    • Forwards Windows event logs
    • Monitors & forwards flat log files
    • Centralized reporting & management

Upgrading from a Previous Version of Log Insight

Log Insight 2.0 Beta supports upgrading from Log Insight 1.5 GA only. See Upgrading from a Previous Version of Log Insight in the Log Insight 2.0 Beta documentation center.


If you have an existing Log Insight license, you won’t need to update the license file.  New installs of Log Insight should use the following license key for Log Insight 2.0 Beta: H143Z-J034L-48U81-0L38M-CDV4A. The license key is valid for Unlimited Operating System Instances (OSIs) and expires on July 31, 2014 at 12:00:00 AM UTC


WARNING: The configure-esxi script is deprecated and may not be available in a future release. Use the vSphere integration section from the Administration page of the Log Insight web UI to configure ESXi hosts. See the topic Configure an ESXi Host to Forward Log Events to Log Insight in the Log Insight 2.0 Beta documentation center for more details.


As you can see, Log Insight 2.0 is going to be a BIG release. If you are interesting in taking the beta for a spin, then check out the links below!

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