Using ovftool to deploy a vCloud template

I was attempting to deploy a VM as a vCloud template into a vCloud Director instance using ovftool and ran into an interesting problem. I could successfully deploy a VM, but I could not create a vCloud template using ovftool even though the documentation stated this was possible. What was going on?

The Command

I was running a command similar to the following:

ovftool --acceptAllEulas --overwrite \
    "" \

The result was a new VM being deployed into the Steve VDC, but no catalog VM being created.

The Documentation

While reviewing the OVF Tool documentation, I discovered the –vCloudTemplate flag, which states will create only a vAppTemplate. Specifying this flag had no impact.

The Issue

The problem turned out to be with the –overwrite flag. I had specified the –overwrite flag as I was attempting to deploy the same name VM multiple times and I do not want to go cleanup after each attempt. With the –overwrite flag specified, no vAppTemplate can be created. By removing the flag everything worked as expected.

ovftool --acceptAllEulas --vCloudTemplate \
    "" \

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