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Month: May 2014

ESXi syslog – A general system error occurred: Internal error

A long time ago, I talked about an internal error messages I received on ESXi. The workaround was to reboot the ESXi host, which is not the best outcome in my opinion. Recently, I hit this issue again, but this time specific to trying to configure remote syslog. I saw this issue will configuring vSphere integration on Log Insight and would like walk through the steps I took to address the issue.

VMworld 2014 public voting and my 6 sessions

As I am sure you heard, voting for VMworld 2014 sessions is now open! Based on my count this morning, it looks like 1,179 public sessions are available to select from (though only 1,178 to vote on as session 1645 appears to have been submitted by accident). All in, I have 6 sessions up for public voting! Now you may be wondering why I submitted 6 public sessions, how many private sessions I submitted, and what I will do if they all get accepted. Read on to hear the reasoning behind my approach this year.

Log Insight 2.0 Beta: Load Balancing

After covering the new scale-out and Windows agent features available in the Log Insight 2.0 beta, it is important to understand how to load balance traffic across a Log Insight cluster. I will cover why using a load balancer is important, what to consider when load balancing, high-level load balancer configuration, and how to balance load for the three primary ways to get data into Log Insight.