Log Insight Tech Previews Available Now!

Did you know that Tech Previews of future features being considered for Log Insight are available and you can download them now?? That’s right, if you have registered for the Log Insight community then you have access to private Tech Previews released by VMware with enhancements beyond those available in the current GA version of Log Insight. I wish I could talk more about all the amazing new features you can try today and the pace at which these new features are coming out, but as mentioned this is private within the Log Insight community only. Be sure to register today if you have not already and you will be notified via email when new Tech Previews are available. In addition, those who are part of the community get exclusive access to webinars including a “Meet the experts” webinar where you get the chance to chat with the developers of Log Insight. I hope to see you there!

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