Log Insight 3.3 is Available Now

After a two month hiatus, I am back just in time for the GA release of Log Insight 3.3! I recently covered most of the new features here and while I plan on deep diving into all of them, I would like to start by talking about the upgrade procedure and what you need to know. Read on to learn more!

Before You Begin

The upgrade procedure for LI 3.3 is the same as previous releases and has the following requirements:

  • Must be able to access the cluster master node on ports 80 and 443
  • Must upgrade from the cluster master FQDN (VIP will require redirection)
  • Can only upgrade from the latest previous GA (e.g. LI 3.0) or a TP post LI 3.0 — if running something older you must upgrade in order from GA to GA (e.g. 2.0 -> 2.5 -> 3.0 -> 3.3)
  • Upgrades must be done one node at a time — though LI handles this automatically

Server Upgrade

OK, so the upgrade procedure would be:

  1. Read the release notes
  2. Grab the LI 3.3 PAK file
  3. Navigate and log into the /admin/cluster page
  4. Select the upgrade button — if on VIP you will be required to redirect and re-login
  5. Select the PAK file
  6. Accept the EULA

Additional Information

That’s it! Once the cluster master node upgrades it will kick off an automatic rolling upgrade of the remaining nodes. You can watch the progress from the /admin/cluster page. A few notes:

  • LI performs some health checks prior to upgrading and may require manual intervention before the upgrade will be allowed
  • If LI runs into an issue during the rolling upgrade it will automatically rollback to the previous version
  • Upgrading to LI 3.3 requires an OS restart so the upgrade time will be longer then previous releases

Agent Upgrade

Of course you should also be sure to upgrade your LI agents to the latest version as well. This is done through the standard MSI/RPM/DEB methods — no changes from previous versions.


LI 3.3 has a ton of great new features and bug fixes and the upgrade procedure is as easy as ever! Be sure to checkout LI 3.3 today!

© 2016, Steve Flanders. All rights reserved.

2 comments on “Log Insight 3.3 is Available Now

Derrik K says:

Hi Steve,
I am testing a little with free vCenter edition of LI. If I ever want to remove LI from my environment, do I have to do more than just shut down the appliance? Does it change anything in settings of my vcenter server or esxi hosts? Do I have to change settings back? thanks

Hey Derrik — Thanks for the comment! The only change LI would make is if you enable vSphere integration it will configure your ESXi hosts to send their syslog events to LI. If you remove the integration from LI beforehand it will revert the configuration change and then you could remove LI. If you forget it is no big deal, just remote logging to the destination will fail. VC is not impacted in any way. Note if you integrate with vR Ops, I would recommend removing that configuration in LI as well prior to shutdown.

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