2015: A Year In Review And A Look Ahead

With 2015 coming to an end, I thought I would quickly reflect. As you may recall, I entered the year with two goals:

  1. Blog three times a week
  2. Blog twice a month about fitness

I am happy to announce that I have reached my first goal of blogging three times a week with this blog post. Now to be fair, it is more that I blogged 156 times this year as some weeks I did not blog three times and other weeks I blogged more than three times. Of the 156 posts, 101 were about Log Insight — a product I am honored to be a part of. The remaining posts were a combination of fitness, home projects, system administrator, and other stuff I thought important to share.

Of course, this brings me to my second goal of two fitness posts per month. Unfortunately, I only made it to half of my goal. Midway through the year, I experienced a setback based on things going on in my personal life. I am happy to announce that the setback has been addressed as of Tuesday, and I started CrossFit again!

With 2015 almost behind me, I also thought it important to reflect on 2016. One change for me will be around blog posts. I love to blog, but it does consume a large portion of time. I have other goals that I would like to achieve, and reprioritizing is the only way I will achieve them. While I do not have a number of blog posts in mind for 2016, it will not be three times a week for sure. For now, I will just say this will be my last post for at least two weeks while I recharge and decide what I want to accomplish in 2016.

In closing, I would like to thank everyone for a wonderful 2015, and I look forward to what 2016 will bring. Happy New Year!

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